Huldufólk LP + Troll Cross


Ships on: July 25, 2024

Once again, SKÁLD tells us a story… This new one is about the hidden people named Huldufólk

As the first single “Troll Kalla Mik” is about trolls, it was important to offer you an amulet to keep them away. That's why you will find exclusively on our store a CD version with a troll cross. On your person or at home, you will be protected against malicious trolls.

This pack contains:
- Huldufólk simple vinyl
- A troll cross amulet (4.5cm x 3cm) + a long leather cord is included


Side A
1. Troll Kalla Mik
2. Ljósálfur
3. Mánin Líður
4. Ríðum, ríðum
5. Hinn Mikli Drekir
6. Då Månen Sken

Side B
1. Elverhøy
2. Her Mannelig
3. Rauður Loginn Brann
4. Trollslaget
5. Du Hast
6. A Forest

Limited to 4 per customer.